Components of the Urinary System

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The urinary system in human consists of two kidneys, two ureters, the urinary bladder, and the urethra.

Our body's metabolism constantly produces waste products which if not eliminated, can poison the body. Being the major excretory and osmoregulatory organ, the kidney has three essential functions:

(1) removal of metabolic waste products and toxins from the blood and excreting them through the urine

(2) has a homeostatic role by regulating body’s fluid status, electrolyte balance and acid-base balance

(3) produces hormones that are involved in erythrogenesis, calcium metabolism, and the regulation of blood pressure and blood flow

Urine formed in the kidneys flows from collecting ducts through renal papilla, and drains through ureters to a muscular sac called the urinary bladder where it is stored temporarily.


During urination, urine is released from the urinary bladder to the outside of our body via urethra. Urination is controlled by sphincter muslces located near the junction of urethra and urinary bladder.


 Kidney-shaped Lake

Kidney-shaped lake. Image courtesy of under creative commons license.

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Did you know..

More than 2500 pints of blood passes through the kidney each day.

Did you know..

Drinking two or more carbonated drinks a day was linked to a twofold risk of chronic disease.

(From a study published in Epidemiology)

Did you know..

Only mammals and birds have juxtamedullary nephrons. Other vertebrates have nephrons that lack loops of Henle.